QA & Analytics | Portland, Oregon

what i do

Quality Assurance

Software and application development is an iterative process which requires rigorous and diligent testing at each step. This testing requires a trained eye and attention to very fine detail. Before any project launches, I make sure that every piece of the application is functioning correctly according to client business rules, user experience guidelines, and approved UI design. The software I test reaches millions of users, but before it can I test it forwards, backwards and sideways. Because each user and device functions uniquely, I have to be knowledgable in all consumer operating systems, web browsers and mobile devices so to understand the quirks of each.
  • User stories
  • Selenium automated testing
  • Issue reporting / tracking
  • Cross-browser testing

Analytics Strategy

The web's greatest strength is its flexibility and measurability. The best way to take advantage of these characteristics is to come into every project openminded, knowing the goals and how to successfully measure and adapt to meet those goals. Working with Analytics before, during and after projects helps my clients better understand how users are interacting with their brand's web presence and how the smallest changes can have the greatest impact. After a site launches and data begins to roll in, it's my job to analyze the movement patterns of users to see where they're coming from, where they're spending the most time, what they're doing there, and where we're losing them.
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Custom Javascript Event Tracking
  • Campaign tagging and goal tracking
  • Custom dashboards
  • Trend spotting
  • Segmentation analysis