Who I Am

During the week, I am a Quality Assurance and Analytics lead with expertise in web and application testing, user experience, use tracking and data analysis. I ensure that every application can both accomplish business objectives and provide useful meaning for users through meticulous testing, qualitative and quantitative data capture, and data analysis.

On the weekends, you can find me in the backyard, endlessly tweaking the settings on my Arduino-powered coffee roaster in search of the perfect cup of espresso brewed from my twitter-connected espresso machine. Usually when I’m good and caffeinated, I’ll be out at a local autocross, racing my 2016 Subaru WRX STI.


Esri R&D Portland | Product Engineer for QA  | 2016 – Current

— Past —

Substance Inc. | QA / Analytics Lead | 2011 – 2016

“In a world of distractions, Isaac stays on point and keeps the rest of his team there as well.  Anyone who has the pleasure of hiring or working with Isaac won’t regret it, not one bit.” – Todd Moritz, President and Chief Operating Officer at Substance

“With Isaac’s technical abilities beyond your average QA analyst and being able to dabble in code and debugging, he is systematic and thorough. He works with developers to provide whatever amount of acrobatics we developers may require out of testing.” – Shawn Killmer, Backend Engineer at Substance

As the one-person QA department I’m responsible for holistic quality control of project workflows, codebase, user interface and user experience for new and in-maintenance application projects. I assess risk, gather requirements, build test plans and test complete applications as well and individual feature and UI enhancements.

As head of analytics and tracking I discover KPIs, plan tracking and goal strategies, develop custom events, analyze usage, and develop custom reporting.

Duties include:

  • Ensure all projects meet cross-browser and responsive requirements
  • Confirm all features achieve agreed-upon functional specifications and offer alternative development or UX solutions when needed
  • Use Selenium to test complex interactions for expected results
  • Design and maintain dev workflows for varied projects types and environment requirements
  • Provide risk assessment, guidance and institutional knowledge to PMs, developers and clients
  • Agile sprint planning, user stories, sub-tasking
  • Help UX team and clients understand how users are interacting with their online presence and how to react to reach or top KPIs
  • Act as a technical bridge between developers and PMs

University of Oregon EMU Marketing | Team Leader / Producer | 2010 – 2011

Team leader / Producer for marketing and advertising campaigns across multiple departments within the Division of Student Affairs. Overseeing full-time and student employees and operations. Contributing to concepts and strategy, design and development of various projects.

Duties included:

  • Oversaw marketing and campaign strategy
  • Planned project scopes, timelines, and budgets
  • Facilitated stakeholder meetings to help establish goals and KPIs
  • Design and copy development for full campaigns to simple marks
  • User experience

University of Oregon Office of Admissions | Art Director / Digital Strategist | 2008 – 2010

“Isaac is a creative, meticulous designer, photographer, and editor. He carefully focuses his considerable talent to meet the objectives of the unit as a whole, eschewing the ego and prima dona behavior of so many in his field.” – Aaron Ragan-Fore, Director of Communications at University of Oregon School of Music and Dance

Used creative thinking and a voracious appetite for new methodologies, technology, and design to boost the university’s brand identity and recruit prospective students. Crafted iconic visuals for each UO academic program. Conceived, designed, directed, shot and edited promotional movies for future students and parents to visualize life on campus. Implemented new strategies for online media and brand interaction. The results: movies, photography, and designs are seen by thousands monthly, directly increasing UO recruitment.

Duties included:

  • Created inspirational imagery within the confines of strict brand identity
  • Assisted with social media campaigns
  • Produced high-quality video and photography content
  • User experience


University of Oregon | Bachelor of Science, Advertising | Class of 2010

Classes and Societies included:

  • Allen Hall Advertising (Client: Talk UO)
  • UO Ad Team (Client: State Farm Insurance)
  • Green Brand Strategy
  • Creative Strategy
  • Designing for Media
  • Mathematics

Lane Community College | Transfer, Journalism | Class of 2008

Classes and Societies included:

  • Editor & Chief of award-winning student newspaper (2007-08)
  • News writing


Zimbabwe Artists Project | IT, Photography, Video | 2013-Current